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In accordance with the recommendations of the University Grants Commission (UGC) in New Delhi, our college has established a Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) to facilitate the resolution of student grievances, ensure transparency in the admission process, and to prevent any instances of unfair practices. The primary purpose of this committee is to thoroughly examine complaints brought forth by students and assess their validity. The GRC is also vested with the authority to address matters related to harassment.

Individuals with genuine grievances are encouraged to reach out to committee members either in person or through consultations with the GRC in-charge. Recognizing that some may be hesitant to address concerns directly, a provision has been made for written grievances. These written complaints can be dropped in the suggestion box conveniently located in the entire floor. Additionally, students may opt to communicate their grievances through email to the committee members or through Google link provided by the institution in website and also submit their grievances in complaint box.

This comprehensive framework underscores our commitment in creating an academic environment that values fairness, transparency, and the well-being of every student. It is important for all members of our college community to be aware of these accessible channels for expressing concerns and seeking resolution.


The establishment of a Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) is imperative to address and resolve issues raised by college students. The committee operates with the following objectives in mind:

  • The GRC is dedicated to fostering a culture of responsiveness and cultivate a positive mindset among all stakeholders. The aim is to nurture a harmonious educational atmosphere within the institute.
  • Promoting an environment that empowers students to openly and candidly articulate their concerns and problems, fostering a space where they feel assured and protected from any potential victimization
  • A feedback avenue is provided through the installation of suggestion/complaint boxes strategically placed in front of every block, on all floors, and within both the girls' and boys' hostels. This enables students to submit their grievances and suggestions in writing while maintaining anonymity if they choose, thereby contributing to the enhancement of academics and administration in the college
  • Preserving the honor of the college involves cultivating an atmosphere of openness, where amicable relationships flourish not only among students but also between students and staff. This commitment ensures a harmonious environment that upholds the esteemed reputation of the institution.
  • Guiding the students of the college to uphold each other's rights and dignity, emphasizing the importance of exercising patience and restraint in times of conflict or disagreement. It is encouraged that, in such instances, a thoughtful and respectful approach may be adopted to foster a harmonious and understanding community within the college.
  • Engaging in any form of ragging, both within the institution and in external settings, is categorically forbidden. Any breach of ragging or disciplinary regulations must be promptly reported to the principal for swift action and resolution.


  • Upon receiving written grievances from students, the cell will expeditiously address each case. A formal review of all cases will be conducted, and actions will be taken in accordance with the recommendations provided by the UGC.
  • The cell is committed to provide regular reports to the relevant authorities, detailing the cases it has attended to. Additionally, any pending cases that necessitate direction and guidance from higher authorities will be clearly communicated, ensuring transparency and accountability in the grievance redressal process.

Procedure for lodging Complaint:

  • Students are encouraged to express their concerns by submitting a written grievance, conveniently dropping it into the designated complaint box.
  • The GRC will give priority to cases that come with the requisite supporting documents, ensuring a thorough examination of each matter.
  • Ensuring efficiency, the GRC commits to resolving concerns within the designated timeframe, assuring students that their grievances will be effectively addressed.
  • Students are also encouraged to register their complaints/ grievances in the Google Link provided in the institutions website.

Students were given an orientation to the grievance redressal system on 2nd July 2019. Categories of grievances such as academic, non -academic, discrimination on any grounds, harassment, etc were listed and explained in detail. Students were given information regarding the process for submitting grievances such as format for writing grievance, location of complaint boxes for submitting grievances, timeline for resolution of grievances. The students were introduced to the grievance cell members. Provision of personal guidance and counseling sessions and appropriate channels of communication for the same were provided.