Placement Division

Placement Cell is devoted with the following Objectives

  • To train students to become more employable Professionals
  • To establish Industry-Institute interaction
  • To guide students for taking up higher studies
  • To create awareness about taking up entrepreneurship Training & Personality Development
  • Industry Institute Partnership to formalise joint working with industries through MoUs

Placement Training

Exhaustive training is provided in the areas of communication, aptitude and soft skills to mould the students meet the global standards and emerge as employable professionals.
A team of In-house trainers administer these programmes for the students from the first year of their study, on a continuous learning pedagogy. In addition, the language laboratory is equipped with the latest multimedia facilities for improving the communication skills of the students. For making the cell more potent, it is assisted by student placement coordinators from all the departments, who lead the team of students for placement.
M/s Beagles Corp, a team of Young and Energetic trainers, are guiding the final year students for sharpening their skills and improving their knowledge & performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results in their career.

Training activities

  • Breaking the ice
  • Pick and speak
  • Group discussion
  • Team building
  • Leadership quality
  • Reasoning tests
  • Aptitude tests
  • Puzzle solving
  • Mock interviews
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Case-discussion
  • Sharing the experiences
  • Games for improving personality traits

The Training cell establishes contacts with various corporate industries, by inviting them to the college for signing MOUs, upgrading the labs and conducting Seminars and special lectures, which provides a platform for the students to understand and hone their professional skills and steer them to prolific prospects. This in turn is believed to fetch the students dream position in the companies.

Our Prominent Recruiters